www.konstanz-abc.com - Warning of strong wind and storm on Lake Constance

Konstanz-ABC for your stay in Constance on Lake Constance 

Actual situation - a service form the police of Kanton Thurgau (Switzerland)

(Please see the explaination in english language below the wind information.)

Unfortunately we do not have an english version of the wind situation. Therefore we explain the most important information for you:

The graphic shows three sections of Lake Constance, which are measured separately. The graphic changes into sections with warnings, as soon as any strong wind or storm situation is forecasted. The sections are described from left to right:

  • "Bodensee West" = "western setcion of Lake Constance", "Bodensee Mitte" = "middle section of Lake Constance", "Bodensee Ost" = "eastern section of Lake Constance"
  • "keine Warnung" = "no warnings"

Important note:

This service is for information only and without any guarantee. For sailors and boatsmen, the signs at the lakeside are binding.