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Konstanz-ABC for your stay in Constance on Lake Constance 

Das Wetter für

Unfortunately we do not have an english version of the weather situation and forecast. Therefore we explain the most important information for you:

Second section from the top:

  • "Heute" = "today", temparature is shown in Celsius
  • convert Celsius into Fahrenheit: multiply by 9, then divide by 5, then add 32
  • "Regenrisiko" = "risc of rain"

Third section from the top:

  • shows the forecast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, "Morgen" = "tomorrow"
  • "Montag" = "Monday", "Dienstag" = "Tuesday", "Mittwoch" = "Wednesday", "Donnerstag" = "Thursday", "Freitag" = "Friday", "Samstag" = "Saturday", "Sonntag" = "Sunday"

Last section from the top:

  • The animated graphic shows eventually current areas of rain in blue colour, hail is shown in purple.