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Konstanz-ABC for your stay in Constance on Lake Constance 

Actual situation - a service from "Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes" (Germany)

(Please see the explaination in english language below the water level information.)

Unfortunately we do not have an english version of the water level situation. Therefore we explain the most important information for you:

The table shows in the first row:

  • "Bodensee" = "Lake Constance"

second row:

  • 1. column: "Pegel" = "water level"
  • 2. column: "Uhr" = "time"
  • 3.-7. column: weekday and date, "Montag" = "Monday", "Dienstag" = "Tuesday", "Mittwoch" = "Wednesday", "Donnerstag" = "Thursday", "Freitag" = "Friday", "Samstag" = "Saturday", "Sonntag" = "Sunday", "Heute" = "today"

third row:

  • the respective values